This is a comedy group that has been a big part of my life for eleven years. We’ve only been Random Tangent for a few of those most recent years, but the troupe existed before as Off the Wall.

When I was in my mid-twenties I noticed a pattern among my friends; how they were grouped, how often I spent time with them, and how close we all became. A select few of those friends I am happy to call family. Random Tangent is one of my families. The opportunity to every week get together and giggle and laugh for ourselves and our audiences have provided me some of the highlights of my life. We’ve all outlived personal demons because we shared them with each other and through our friendship braced and held each other close.

I thank God every day for bringing improv back to me.

Random Tangent plays in Draper, Utah, at the Draper Historic Theater almost every Saturday night (with a few exceptions). The show goes from 10-11:30 PM, and only costs $8 per person. Check out the website link above for all the details and specifics.