Finding Parallels

Our youth are under fire for all sorts of inadequacies. They are encumbered by the belief of so many adults who don’t believe they will ever amount to anything, and even worse still, that they aren’t in possession of much value currently. There’s a lot of talk about the bleak hope in the future, those who someday will be our leaders, and the overall state of the world; however, there is a lack of effort from these talkers to ensure this outcome. Adults wish to keep what they have, tight-fisted and unrelenting, as they talk about their desire to see a better future for those who follow after.

Frankly, our youth face a dominating hypocritical system with nothing more than themselves unless they are shown something more than fear and hollow promises.

This is where Finding Parallels comes in.

Having spent the last four years coaching at Bingham High School I have watched something as simple as laughter change the lives of kids in dramatic and profound fashion. Most of the time it begins with them realizing they have a safe place to be, which is then quickly followed by the discovery of self. When a child is provided the security to simply be as they naturally are, only the best sorts of miracles will happen.

Apart from the natural essence comedy has for bringing out the honest in people, Improv Comedy subsequently encourages more than just a knack for it. Confidence, trust, wit, creativity, teamwork, listening, critical thinking, perspective, and fun are a few of the skills and abilities encouraged by this art form.

In a more dynamic range, in my close to eleven years of improv experience. I personally have encountered the challenges to overcome myself as well as learn to support and love others. I have watched it save lives, patch relationships, expel personal demons, and foster love. Many of these I speak from personal experience as well as the observation of dear friends and family.

The ability to possess intelligence, confidence, elegance, fortitude, and love is not a unique symbol of status reserved solely for the older generations of our societies. I continue to see such strength in our youth, and I have personally experienced what can happen when they are given the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

Finding Parallels will challenge them to greater heights, asking them to look inside themselves and face what they see while also loving them through fear, concern, worry, and insecurity as they learn to lift their eyes from the ground.

I seek to empower our youth with belief, trust, and love in themselves. This is the power of the Finding Parallels.